Back 9

Hole 10



The opening hole of the back nine is a relatively straight forward par 4. For slightly longer hitters it is important to note that there are two grass hollows stretching right accross the fairway, slightly beyond the bunkers on the right. They can make the second shot awkward if they are found. The green is guarded by one bunker to the left and a grass hollow to the right. The putting surface itself slopes from back to front.

Hole 11



The final par 3 at Woolley is completely surround by bunkers and has out of bounds down the left hand side. A relatively simple green compared to many on the course, the 11th has few undulations but slopes from left to right.

Hole 12



The twelfth hole has a narrow fairway to play to with out of bounds to the left and the 13th fairway to the right.

When playing the second shot it is advisable to play it short and allow the ball to run onto the very shallow green. Watch out for the bunkers to the left and right of the green.

Golfers will find that balls filter down to the right hand side of the green, as the putting surface slopes quite severely from left to right. Bear this in mind when pitching and putting the ball.

Hole 13



At Stroke Index 1 the 13th is the toughest hole on the course. From the tee the two bunkers on the left side of the fairway are not visible, however they are well within range for most golfers. Head for the marker post to give yourself the best chance with the second shot.When playing the second shot there are multiple options. One is to attack the flag if confidence is high, carrying the bunker at the front of the green is risky though. A second option would be to play to the slightly more open left side of the green and leave a putt. The third option is to play wide right of the green, towards the temporary and leave yourself a chip and a putt accross the length of the green

Hole 14



The second and final par 5 on the course is not as easy as the first. It doglegs slightly to the left and has out of bounds left for the majority of the hole. Playing to the left of the two large trees that can be seen from the tee should leave a good line for the second shot.The green is reachable in two for the more skilled player. However, laying up with the second shot can often be safer as the green is narrow with bunkers left and right. A steep banking at the rear of the green will punish those who fire the ball in a little hot.On the green the left side is relatively flat, however the right is host to a large mound, which often requires navigating when playing to a pin at the back.

Hole 15


The fifteenth has one of the trickiest fairways to navigate. A fairway bunker on the right is placed nicely within driving range. Whilst concentrating on avoiding this be aware of the water to the left as well. Once these hazards have been successfully navigated two more fairway bunkers will take care of any duff second shots. A good second shot can be difficicult here as it is not easy to judge the pin position.The fifteenth is a long green and combines with the eighth to create the double green. Don’t get complacent when reading this one though, a flat green at Woolley doesn’t make for a straight putt.

Hole 16


The final three holes tend to be regarded by the members as card makers or breakers. Beginning with the sixteenth players are met with a tough par 4.

A wide fairway should be relatively simple to find from the tee. Bear in mind that it slopes from left to right coaxing balls into the right hand fairway bunker. The second shot is where the hole demands good golf. It is played to a three tier green with a deep bunker guarding the front. Taking enough club is important as you really don’t want to end up in the bunker. Aiming left is the safe option, at worst leaving yourself a chip and a putt for par.

Beware the greenkeeper’s favourite pin position directly behind the bunker, only the brave (or is it the daft) will attack this one.

Hole 17


From the seventeenth tee golfers are given beautiful views across the course, don’t let these distract you from the upcoming task. A long, straight tee shot is required to set up a scoring opportunity on this hole. Avoid the water to the left and the tree lined avenue to the right.

A long second shot is likely on the seventeenth, watch out for the bunkers guarding the left of the green and the mounds surrounding the green. The only way to run a ball onto the green is to fire it straight up the narrow apron demanding accuracy.

On the green take your time to read the various undulations that lie between you and the hole

Hole 18

This is all that stands between you and a well earnt, refreshing pint in the clubhouse. From the tee avoid the bunker on the left. One last big drive could carry you over the horizon and down the hill severely shortening the hole. With the second shot, whether you are 150yds or 75yds out, beware the stream running the width of the fairway. Also watch out for the three bunkers surrounding the green (don’t forget to put 50p in the charity jar if you find the Captain’s bunker on the front right).

The green itself is wide at the front, before narrowing through the middle and widening out again at the back. A ridge runs length ways from the front of the green to the middle. This can make putting in the front half of the green tricky.

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