Front 9

Hole 1



The opening hole at Woolley Park can appear daunting from the tee with the lake offering to swallow up an errant shot.

However, a short iron aimed at the marker post will often feed down towards the green with the slope of the fairway, leaving the player a short wedge in.

The green itself is long and narrow guarded by bunkers left and right.

Hole 2



The second hole is a straight forward par 4. The fairway slopes slightly from left to right, something to bear in mind when landing the ball near the bunker in the centre of the fairway.

The McKenzie green has a steep banking to the front and rear. A shot that lands short will often come back down the apron. The bank at the rear of the green can be used to the golfers advantage when trying to access a pin located on the top tier.

Hole 3



The third hole can be deceptive in the way it plays. Stood on the tee players are sheltered from any wind. It is important to pay attention to the flag as it can often reveal a stiff breeze blowing across the green.

A pin placed on the top deck of the side on MacKenzie green is risky to attack, often the best approach is a shot to the middle of the green.

Hole 4



The dogleg right fourth hole is a good scoring opportunity. There is plenty of fairway to aim at to avoid the out of bounds area down the right hand side. For those playing a conservative approach, the second shot will be a relatively short one from the corner. A shallow bunker guards the front of the green so it is best practice to attack the flag rather than trying to run the ball onto the green.  An aggresive play from long drivers would be to cut the corner of the dogleg and go for the green.

The green at first glance appears flat but there is often more borrow needed in putts. Take time to read this one carefully.

Hole 5



The fifth is a narrow driving hole, accuracy is paramount from the tee. The wind often blows from left to right making the out of bounds on the right even more inviting.

Leaving an uphill putt on this hole will pay dividends and lead to better scoring opportunities. A putt from above the hole can quickly get away and sometimes end up off the front of the green.

Hole 6



The sixth in Stroke Index terms is considered to be the easiest hole on the course. There is plenty of fairway to work with to set up a short second shot on to the green. For the better player the option is there to shape a shot over the last of the trees lining the left of the fairway. Taking this approach can reap rewards with the green reachable in one.

For those playing from the fairway the second shot is often shorter than anticipated as it is downhill to the green. A pin to watch out for is one nestled between the two mounds on the left of the green. The ball often appears to have a mind of its own when putting to this position.

Hole 7



Seven is a tough hole in the best of conditions. The uphill hole needs a good start with a long drive. Giving it your all will not be punished if the drive gets a bit wild as the green is accessible from the 8th and 14th fairways, which border with 7th.

Remember to club up on the second shot to reach the green. If you make it up there in two give yourself a pat on the back, but don’t get over confident as the green is willing to punish anyone who fails to read it properly. A three putt on here is not out of the ordinary.

Hole 8

The eigth hole is an opportunity to make a good score. From the tee there is plenty of fairway for the golfer to aim at. It is common for any breeze on the day to help the golfer as it tends to blow straight down the fairway. The second shot should be aimed straight between the laurel bushes at either side of the fairway. The double green is reachable in two for the longer hitters.

Be sure not to play through the back of the green as it can lead to an embarrassing putt back up a steep slope from the fifteenth green.

Hole 9



The ninth hole is the second of the three par 3’s at Woolley Park. This uphill hole can play quite long, especially if wind is involved. A large bunker guards the front right corner of the green, causing problems for any short shots.

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